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iKiosk – Swedbank installed online banking terminals

iKiosk – Swedbank installed online banking terminals

BAIP installed 430 online banking terminals in Swedbank‘s Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian branches and became a providing of integrated IT support services. 

Online banking terminals enable clients to quickly, comfortably and securely use self-service portal and connect to their online banking accounts. Such functionality was made possible by using a combination of HP, DELL and Microsoft hardware and software solutions.

“It is our strategic priority to expand our integrated and managed IT services in all three Baltic countries, and this project is an important step forward. We value Swedbank‘s decision to transfer part of IT support responsibilities to the external partner. Our goal is to ensure that this partnership helps them to improve quality of client service and develop related operations“, – said Gytis Umantas, CEO of BAIP.

“This service is related with unified and quality client service in all three Baltic countries, so we had high security and technology requirements for perspective providers.  BAIP proposed a technologically complicated, but flexible and integrated solution – from the idea to technical realisation and service. Our clients can already evaluate benefits of this solutions“, – Olegas Marofejevas, Head of Electronic Development at Swedbank.


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