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Midas was opened in autumn, 2015 and is the biggest and most modern National Open Access Research Data Archive in the Baltics. BAIP, together with other partners, was responsible for designing and implementing its core IT infrastructure.

„During this project we had to solve several issues related with storing data in an efficient, reliable and long-term way, retaining data format and assuring scalability of our solution. For this we used both storage and tape libraries and joined qualities of both technologies – data availability and storage efficiency – in a hierarchical file system. Project also included installation of information security, data integrity assurance measures and a number of other innovative technological solutions,” – said Head of Infrastructure Development Group at BAIP and project’s manager Rokas Ralys.

MIDAS is dedicated for gathering and long-term storing of empirical data from various scientific researches and other related information.  Users are provided with various analytical tools, data exchange, electronic services and other functional options. Archive will accommodate up to 3 petabytes of data. MIDAS is associated with biomedical data archive in the Santariškės clinics, it has multidimensional data visualization, clustering, classification and analysis tools. There‘s also a possibility to use data from the archive to process parallel and distributed computing resources in a vast computational resource-intensive data analysis.

The project started in 2012. In total 15 scientific, educational and medical institutions participated in its implementation.


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