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Designing high-performance computer systems – supercomputers

Designing high-performance computer systems – supercomputers


Two computing cluster complexes with 3200 computing cores and more than 800 TB of disk space are the largest ones in Lithuania and will allow scientists to perform a new quality of multidimensional calculations. They were designed and implemented in Vilnius University by BAIP and its partners Bull Baltija and B.G.M.

“Supercomputing infrastructure of such scale is implemented for the first time in Lithuania. It will significantly increase Lithuanian scientific potential and technical capacity – will open up a whole new performance computing capabilities in the various scientific and economic sectors, accelerate technological transfer of knowledge from the academic level to the business, will allow to effectively carry out the research and increase cooperation with foreign scientists” – noted Kazimieras Tonkūnas, CEO of BAIP.

Designing and implementing such systems was also an exciting challenge for BAIP. “These projects were complex as we had to integrate new equipment of several manufacturers and keep the continuity of the existing system. We are glad to have successfully completed this task in 12 weeks and established ourselves as highly competent leaders in critical IT systems architecture”, – said K. Tonkūnas.

Supercomputer with more than 1,700 computing cores and more than 600 TB of disk space was installed in Vilnius University Mathematics and Informatics Faculty’s Digital Science and Computing Center. It is connected to the joint LitGrid network which provides researchers with the computing resources they need to cope with scientific challenges. Equipment will become the basis of future Information technologies open access center. Researchers and business companies will be able to use it for efficient calculations in biochemistry, biomedical, optical spectroscopy and other fields.

During the second project BAIP team designed and installed computing cluster complex, with more than 1,500 computing cores and more than 200 TB of disk space in Vilnius University’s Faculty of Physics. It is controlled by high-performance parallel file system Lustre™. The symmetric multiprocessor computing system is the only one of this magnitude in Lithuania, is extremely efficient and has a particularly large scalability. Performance computing will be used in laser and light, semiconductor optoelectronics, new materials (nano and electronics) technologies and other fields.

Total value of both projects is over 12 million Litas (over 3 million Eur).

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